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(no subject)
We had a bat flying around the back garden, so I went to spend a bit of time with it..

Beautiful sunset here, the sky is just different shades of blue, really understated by really clear and crisp. The moon is out too, along with those stars that feel like trying to fight against the pale blue light on the horizon. I love bats, they always remind me of Barbados, where the skies were just full of them at dusk. If I could go anywhere in the world right now, it would be back there.

I've been trying to come up with a whole "101 things" that I can aspire to achieve over "1001 days". Right now I'll be lucky if I can come up with 11 - I'm just not quite the right type of person to be doing something like that. I always have aspirations, but they're always so fleeting - I never finish anything, I just dabble until I don't enjoy it any more, and then move on to the next thing that's caught my attention. Perhaps this would be a useful tool for snapping me out of that habit, but while I'm still in that mindset, it's hard to come up with things that I can honestly believe I could put my mind to and achieve. I'll keep working on it.

Anyhow, just had an idea for something I meant to put to ask_me_anything, so I shall go write that...

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I call that living in the moment, and not trying to set myself up for failure by creating unnecessary standards and goals just to fill a list. Or at least that's my excuse.

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