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I watched a movie yesterday in which Angelina Jolie played the female lead, who was an assassin trying to kill the male lead, also an assassin. No, it wasn't Mr and Mrs Smith.. Anyway, the male lead was trying to avenge the death of his father, but then found out that actually, the person he was chasing was his father. No, I wasn't watching Star Wars either. Anyway, he only found that out after tragically killing his father, who he believed at the time to be his father's killer. And no, I wasn't watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

It was about a guy in a dead-end office job, addressing the audience and waxing lyrical about his life through a voice-over, before finally finding some excitement and standing up to his obnoxious boss. No, I wasn't watching Fight Club. In the movie I was watching, he discovers that he's the heir to a legacy that gives him awesome powers and is taken away to train to use these powers to fight the forces of evil. No, not Harry Potter either.

No, I watched The Matrix Wanted, the most original action film ever created! The end result is what happens when "visionary" film makers plug all the "right" pieces into their "formula". It was basically a big pile of arse, but as far as mindless fun goes, it was okay for passing the time. I won't be buying it on DVD any time soon...

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I never thought I could hate a film that had naked Angelia Jolie in it. The whole thing pissed me off, and don't even get me started on that whole "curving bullet" sequence at the end. UGH.

I've been working out the calculations in my head that would be required for a bullet to go in a full 360 degree circle.

Assuming spacetime isn't curving at all, you're looking at two complete 180 degree turns, each of which would require a huge amount of air to be displaced in order to preserve conservation of momentum.

Good fun....

Your brain often gives me pause. That's not entirely a compliment. :-p

Well look, the thing is, momentum is calculated as the product of the mass and velocity of the projectile.

Now, given that this projectile is capable of punching through the skulls of successive victims, it either has a really sharp tip, or has at least a decent weight behind it.. Let's say that they're about 30g each, and the bullet travels at like 500m/s. That's being pretty generous, I believe.

So the room is a closed system in which momentum is being preserved, and we assume that air resistance in the form of friction is roughly nil, since we need the bullet to be travelling at proper bullet speed when it reaches the end of its curve.

To achieve a full 180 turn, you're going to need to generate 30,000gm/s momentum from somewhere, or basically the sort of force capable of moving 30kg a metre in a single second. Which is the equivalent of moving 23,000 cubic metres of air a metre in a second. We've said the bullet is moving 500m/s, let's say it has to travel 50 metres in total, which means that each half turn takes 25 metres, therefore is completed in 1/20 of a second. That means that you need to displace 460,000 cubic metres of air by a metre, just to shift that bullet around.

Now that alone is going to be quite the gust, let alone the fact that this needs to happen twice in order to bring the bullet back around again.

I trust you see where I'm coming from...

Did you read my post about how I didn't attend school -- ever -- and had to teach myself everything once I had the freedom to do so? English and history monopolised my interest -- numbers did not. THIS IS ALL FOREIGN TO ME. STOP MAKING ME FEEL DUMB. Thanks.

Of course, if I read it slowly and concentrated, it would probably make sense. As it is, all I see is a shit-load of numbers and a whole lot of overthinking. :-p

You may now return to assuming I'm an idiot...

Way to ruin X-Men Origins: Wolverine for me :-|

I'm torn between explaining that I only ruined the establishing backstory (which takes place in the first two minutes of the movie and has no relevance to the plot itself) and just letting you believe that I did something really cruel...

Ah, it's grand. You just saved me from having to watch it :)

Actually, I only saved you from the first two minutes. I'm afraid you still have to watch the rest :o(

But it's a prequel, so I already basically know what happens. Some bad stuff happens to him, he gets angry, more bad stuff happens, he gets more angry. He probably has sex with someone in the interim. Something really bad happens, he gets really angry, then he goes off travelling in a truck.

But you're missing out on the rich backstory and complex character development so often attributed to comic book adaptations!

I actually really liked Wanted. Incredibly derivative, sure, but highly entertaining. Plus, i have a thing for James McAvoy. :)

Yes, I'm guessing that the casting for that movie was an attempt to cover all bases... :o)

See, this is the advantage of going into a movie (in a very nice refurbished art deco cinema, just by-the-by) with low expectations. I really enjoyed it.

Oh, I had no expectations whatsoever, and enjoyed it as much as one does when watching something of that nature.

But I wouldn't have willingly paid any money for it :o)

I'm glad I'm not the only person who thought that movie was horribly cliche and lame.

I thought Wanted was just entertaining enough - I could *see* all the awful Matrix/Fight club stuff but I actively chose to switch my brain off and enjoy what was, essentially, mindless amusement. With guns and explosions.

Oh, Wanted! So terrible... yet I still managed to watch it twice for shits and giggles.

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