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(no subject)
So yeah, today was great, just as I expected it would be :o)

The venue was really nice, but there were a few issues with it, not least of all their preoccupation with the acquisition and subsequent tasteless display of deer antlers.. Many cervids died to bring us this decor...

And it was pretty expensive.. I mean, not completely out of our range, but close to the edge, and for that sort of money you'd want just about everything to be spot on, and for what we're looking for, it just wasn't.

Still, the outside area was really awesome, beautiful lake, outside spaces all centred around it, with a very open area for the ceremony that would be the next best thing to a fully outdoor event..

So probably not the one for us, but not bad, and every such visit gives us a clearer idea of what we're actually looking for, so that's all good :o)

Following that, we came back to Chinnor and grabbed some dinner from the chippy, before heading up into the hills to have our food overlooking the village and the general view.. Good visibility, warm sun, warm breeze, a few calves for company, all things considered, it was one of the best meals out we've had in quite some time :o)

It's been a good day :o)

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I love picnics :)
That sounds like an absolutely amazing view, and perfect weather for it too!

(Deleted comment)
We didn't really have a choice for our venue. We wanted to get married in the same place we first met, so that was that. I'd have kind of liked to shop around, but I know it would have just contributed to the huge headache the whole event has become for me. And it really shouldn't be about headaches. :/
I'm glad you had a good day!

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