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It's a good life really..
Lazy morning, sleeping in, watching some TV, all good...

And this afternoon we're off to check out a possible wedding venue. So that ought to be quite good, and it'll be nice to be out and about in the countryside a bit too.. Afterwards I'm hoping to persuade Naomi to let me get her some fish and chips, and we'll go up into the hills above my village and have dinner with a nice view :o)

This is how weekends are supposed to go :o)

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The sad thing is I'm probably most jealous about the fish and chips. Damn Germans and their lack of fish and chips.

You forgot to mention the part where an unidentified assailant leaps from the bushes above your village and stabs you seventeen times. See you later.

What a wonderful brother, all heartfelt concern and cautionary advice. :P

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