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Meme me
Because I am entirely derivative of others, and because I do so love the attention, I bring you the latest meme that's floating around my friends list..
Ask me up to 5 questions and I will reply to them in the comments! Ask anything at all. Nothing is too personal.
Except that whole "nothing is too personal" thing. I reserve the right to tell you to piss off.

Hit me.

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1. Favourite non-fiction book?
2. What aftershave do you use?
3. When were you last embarrassed? (And don't say you don't get embarrassed -- everyone does!)
4. Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
5. What's the most romantic thing you'ver ever done?

*you've. Really need to get a paid account. :/

1. Ugh, there are so many of them.. It'll be something around Evolutionary Biology, but I'm really not sure that I could choose just one..

2. It's called "Wilderness"

3. I don't know.. I got told off the other day by our data management people for being a bit of an asshole, and that made me blush a bit in the bad way.. so probably that.

4. Not as far as I know.

5. I'll have to get back to you on that one, it's not something that I catalogue - I'm very bad at remembering most instances of being especially good at anything, it feels a bit self-congratulatory. I'll have a think :o)

(Deleted comment)
Hmm.. My favourites, as opposed to those that I think are technically the "best"...

Blade Runner
Moulin Rouge
Alice in Wonderland
Me Without You

I know that's only four, I just worry that I might have forgotten one or something. Like What Dreams May Come, which is probably up there, unless I've forgotten something else that would kick one of the others out of the list.. It's hard to narrow down :o)

Additionally, I recently enjoyed In The Loop very much, and would recommend it.

1) Why do you feel the need to pretend that you like football so much?
2) Why don't you feel the need to hide your love for the likes of The Saturdays and Katy Perry?
3)Where are we going to go on our holidays?
4) What is the grossest food you've ever eaten?
5) Out of all the songs I've made you listen to over the years, which is your favourite?

I'll do yours first :o)

1. Git. I have always liked football. When I was at uni, I managed to watch almost every game in the 2002 World Cup, the only exceptions being the matches that were played simultaneously at the end of the group stages. If you'd like to quiz me in order to verify any of this, go right ahead :oP

2. I don't love Katy Perry, I think she has one of the least appealing voices in the charts today. She does, however, make songs that are just ripe for taking the piss out of, and I happen to think that I do a good impression of her breathy computer-assisted crap. Nor do I love The Saturdays, they're a vapid bunch of nobodies and will fade from existence in the near future (if they have not already done so). However, they have made one song I like, and one song I like to laugh about, since it suggests that knife crime is the solution to an unstable relationship. Before you say anything, I don't like Lady Gaga either :oP

3. I don't know, when do you want to go? I think we should probably be by the sea, somewhere where we can go on nice walks along the coast and take in lots of sun on the beach. How does somewhere like North Devon grab you? (I'm thinking about the impending weekend break for your birthday rather than anything else, like, y'know, Rome and stuff :o)

4. The spoonful of vinegar that I had to drink while blindfolded in Year 6 as part of some ridiculous exercise about "the sense". Just yick...

5. I must choose only one?! I like lots of Elbow, but that's probably not my favourite.. Technically you got me into Stars, but that would be too easy an answer, and you didn't specifically get me into the individual songs anyway.. Straylight Run - Now It's Done is right up there, as is Pilate - Alright, and some Josh Groban stuff and a couple of Collective Soul songs.. Ooh, and perhaps some Joseph Arthur too.. Go on your computer and look up the playlist "Songs that remind James of Naomi", one of those is probably it :o)

(Deleted comment)

Re: I'll do yours first :o)

The album version of Issues.

Fun fact - I'm at the end of your road right now (work as opposed to home)

(Deleted comment)

Re: I'll do yours first :o)

I do. But I can't find your address right now. But I have it somewhere :o)

Re: I'll do yours first :o)

The two of you just made me awfully jealous!

Re: I'll do yours first :o)

1) Just because you know a lot about a subject doesn't mean that you like it :oP

3) Nice costal walks would be perfect :o)

4)Vinegar is not food. Try again :oP

5) No no no, I knew you'd do that. I don't want to know which songs remind you of me, I want to know which song you like the best!

Re: I'll do yours first :o)

1. Not even Edward thinks I'm faking it. I spend too much money and time on the game for it not to be real, sorry :o)

3. :D

4. Okay, well then it's difficult, because before I met you, I avoided trying things I didn't think I'd like, and since meeting you, I've made a conscious effort not to write anything off completely.. So it's kind of hard to say.. I'd be tempted to say some sort of fish, but I don't remember one that I really hated.. Nor can I think of any instance where I had to run away and spit any food out or anything... So I'm not sure!

Ooh, wait, I know. Smoked salmon.

5. "I don't want to know which songs remind you of me, I want to know which song you like the best!" - I don't know the difference... :o\

Um.. Right now I've been listening to 23 by Jimmy Eat World, Some Riot by Elbow, Great Expectations by Elbow, What the Snowman Learned About Love by Stars, and Even Though by Joseph Arthur. Logically it must be one of those :o)

Re: I'll do yours first :o)

Odd. I barely ever listen to Some Riot... :o)

Re: I'll do yours first :o)

Well it's tricky, you don't so much get me into songs as bands.. I think that we have roughly similar taste in music, enough that we have bands in common, but it's different enough that our favourite songs by those bands are different :o)

Re: I'll do yours first :o)

Oh, I was mainly wondering why it is that I don't listen to it - because it's a good song. But now that I've listened to it again, I think it's for the same reason that I can't listen to Friend of Ours. It's too emotional.

Why don't you have an icon or a picture where you smile?
Where is your next holiday going to be?
What is the best cocktail in the world?
Absolute favourite piece of music to play on your guitar?
Who or what is your favourite person / thing to photograph?

1. Because I don't like my smile. My smile makes me feel like not smiling, which is quite the conundrum. I'm fine looking moody...

2. Probably a weekend break on the coast.. And then after that, hopefully, Rome..

3. Cement Mixer, without a doubt. You wouldn't want to drink it yourself, but buying it for unsuspecting young ladies is excellent.

4. Turn My Head by Live, because it was the first thing of even remote complexity that I learned to play.

5. Me, obviously Night scenes, with long exposures and reflections

I tried really hard but I can't think of anything to ask you. I'm wondering if this means I actually don't care to get to know you better. :P

P.S. I like this color scheme better than the one on the AMA page.

Edited at 2009-05-22 03:47 am (UTC)

Me too. That's why it's here. I get all the best stuff... :o)

Because I am bored at work I will indulge:

1. Do you still play Ultimate Frisbee?
2. Do you still "make out" with other men?
3. Do you regret not working harder at Uni?
4. What are your long term career goals (if any)?
5. Do you believe the universe was formed from an atom sized spot of infinite density and, if so, who put it there? (ok thats two questions but indulge me).

1. Not in a couple of years, unless throwing one around with Edward counts.

2. Not since August 2002 I'm afraid.

3. Not in any meaningful way, no. I'd rather my degree was better, but I have very fond memories of not doing much work, and getting to do as I pleased. Now that I've got a job, it's not like I can do that any more, so at least I've been able to do it at least once :o)

4. I don't know yet. Can't decide between marketing, analysis or something more IT-related. Trying to hedge my bets as much as possible :o)

5. Not really. Not in that way, anyway - size is kind of relative, if that dot contains everything, then it may as well be of infinite size... As for how it came to be there, it doesn't really matter - it's enough that it just did.

For number three you need to find a job that lets you work from home and generate your own workload - I find that is pretty much a similar culture.

The trick ofc is to still appear like you're making a valid contribution and achieving your annual objectives.

Would you object terribly if I were to give you the nickname, "Jim"?

As in Corr? You can feck right off, so..

Didn't even think of the Corr link! :D

1. Are you Welsh?

2. Do you support Arsenal?

1. I identify as Welsh, much as girls on the Internet might identify as boys. Y'know, biologically it's hard to argue that I wasn't born in England, or have lived here for most of my life..

However, spiritually, totally Welsh. I know the Welsh national anthem, I don't know the English one. I support the Welsh in the Rugby, and want nothing but pain for the English. These are the real measures, right..?

2. Yes. Indeed I do. Are we going to have to fight over this? :o)

want nothing but pain for the English

Hah, you almost sound Scottish... ;)

It's all about how you feel, I agree. If I end up going to Australia and living there for 50 years, I imagine I'll still feel Scottish. I used to feel a bit, well, embarrassed about being a Scot, but that's changed since living down here. We're pretty awesome people, despite that chip on the shoulder we're born with. :p

Nah, no fighting over this issue. I have little interest in English football!

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