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(no subject)
Hmm.. I've created a multi-dimensional graph generator. It's kind of neat.

Any given node can take an X value, a Y value, a size, a colour, and a legend, and the whole thing gets automatically generated off whatever Excel dataset you want. Which by my reckoning gives you five dimensions, although you're limited in the resolution for the size and colour before it becomes hard to differentiate between close values.

Oh, and for good measure, you can automatically link related nodes with connectors.

Alternatively, if you don't really need five dimensions, you can stick with a standard three. By linking the size and shade of the node to a third dimension, and by using transparency and rendering the nodes in the right order, it's possible to create a pseudo-3D map showing nodes behind one another. It's also possible to rotate that map in any direction by ninety degrees just by changing which variables are attached to which axes.

Now all I need to do is perform the calculations that would allow custom angles to be rendered so you could just freely rotate the lot..

Obviously this would be considerably easier in, say, 3D Studio Max, which is what I used for the graphs for my Biology field trip in Sixth Form.. But it wouldn't be as much fun :o)

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Pics or it didn't happen! Really I just want to look at pretty pictures.

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