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(no subject)
For whatever reason, I really enjoy staying late on a Friday..

Knowing that I'm in no rush to get anywhere, that I don't have to go to bed early tonight (and therefore am not losing any hours of my evening), and the empty office just really work well for me.

Right now, I'm dumping about 6gb of data off our warehouse that I've probably been holding onto for too long.. I'm down to about 10gb total, of which 95% is absolutely necessary, and the remainder isn't a bit deal in the grand scheme of things. I've also gone through making sure our customer contact history for electronic channels is fully up to date, since we had a couple of gaps..

It's nice to be able to just kick back and sort out all those little things that you normally don't have time for. The weekend isn't going anywhere, and it can wait a little longer :o)

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(Deleted comment)
Unless you're leaving the house at 6:30 (this morning) or 6:00 (yesterday) and not getting home until 7pm, then your weekend isn't quite like my weekday ;o)

(Deleted comment)
And you get home from school at what time..?

Once you're up to 45 hours a week working, plus 15 hours a week commuting, then we can talk :o)

(Deleted comment)
So you have seven solid hours of lessons every day?

That seems like a pretty harsh school... :oP

If you get a lunch break, you're doing it wrong ;o)

(Deleted comment)
Complaining about how "little" you are is just about the most annoying thing you can do, for the record :oP

Also, school is a fucking walk in the park compared to having a real job, so your hours don't even count. Just thought I'd throw that out there ;o)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Not really, I have a whole weekend off, I've got plenty of time..

In fact, based on bank holidays and time off, I'm only working for three days in the next ten....

I like to work late on Friday too. The other days it's not uncommon for someone to work over but people try to leave at least on time if not early on Fridays. I get so much more done after everybody else is gone.

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