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Ugh, the posters for Night At The Museum 2 have the most obnoxious tagline - "Something Funny's Going On".


I mean granted, with such an all-star cast list as Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Ricky Gervais, I might need a bit of help understanding that they're going for the comedy angle.. But seriously, having to tell people in the tagline for your movie that it's supposed to be funny rather defeats the point. Nobody needs or wants to be told "The people who made this movie think it's hilarious!" - that's a very Ricky Gervais thing to say in the first place, and that does not bode well.

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You should still listen to Blue Jam. It'll fix you.

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Pfft, honestly, you'll love it ;o)

Or, it will crawl into your brain, like some sort of parasitic worm, and destroy you from the inside out.

What's not to like?

The phrases "Christ's knob glue" and "the saviour's dick-snot" both feature in that sketch I was talking about earlier.

If you can't stand to have things unfinished, you really should steer clear of series eight. That ending...

For the record, while series seven was bordeline-unwatchable shite, series eight made it look like high art.

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Open? THE SMEG IT IS. Har har har!

The real story is just upsetting. Originally, Ace Rimmer was going to come back for another diminishing return when, with ten minutes of studio time remaining and Chris Barrie already in his Ace costume, Doug Naylor had the genius idea of dressing his director up as Death and getting Rimmer to knee him in the balls. Oh, that zany Rimmer...

(Deleted comment)
But Rimmer knees him! In the balls! Rimmer knees Death in the balls! Oh, okay, you win.

Death > Watching that episode again.

Except that by that point, the series was irredeemable, and dragging another character down would just be pointless.

Also, the fact that it ended so badly enabled them to just turn around and say "fuck it" when it came to making the recent special, so in a sense, the use of an even worse device actually helped.

(Deleted comment)
I liked it. It fit really well into the way they chose to play out the "real life" story. And from a business point of view, it was a good marketing opportunity.

(Deleted comment)
It was only a brief interlude, it wasn't supposed to be a huge character moment.

And I see your points, weak though they are, and none of them affords them the same sort of marketing buzz that having Carbug on Coronation Street got them. I think what they went with was the best option.

(Deleted comment)
You'd be surprised. It was on "Dave" after all, hardly a channel with a huge following. It makes sense that they'd want to use a decent gimmick that both existing fans and prospective fans could relate to, and Coronation Street being a national institution and all, it makes sense.

Scrapheap Challenge, on the other hand, would have done nothing. After all, if you'd care about a tie-in to that, then you're probably already a die-hard fan, so why bother trying to impress you?

From a Marketing point of view, it was a real coup to be able to do the crossover with Coronation Street. And I bet that for their viewing figures, it was well worth it.

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Kryten would have been in his fucking element, and let's face it, he doesn't get nearly enough time to shine.

The episode wasn't about him, and the show isn't about him. It's about Lister, it's always been about Lister, except in Season 8, where it was about.. well.. crap..

And you clearly don't understand TV if you think that the purpose of it was just to please existing fans. There's not all that much money in there. Viewing figures from the first night to the second night fell by 50% - that means that twice as many people started watching it as continued watching. Were those people fans? No. Were they eyeballs on adverts? You bet! Were some of them watching because of the Coronation Street tie-in and the resulting additional publicity that was generated for the show? Probably.

Marketing is a science. They don't do these things for the hell of it - they do it because it worked. And as far as I can tell, the Coronoation Street segment worked, and provided a great opportunity to deal with Lister's story, which is what the whole thing was about in the first place.

I have no doubt they could have managed it somehow.

If only I had the time to explain all the ways in which you're wrong there.....

(Deleted comment)
More relevant? Are you shitting me? You suggested shows that nobody watches, or that aren't even on any more. How is that more relevant?

Just because you didn't like it doesn't make it the wrong choice.

(Deleted comment)
I don't know why it would need to be relevant to the characters. Especially not characters who aren't Lister - again, have you missed the point of the whole show? It's about Lister. The specials were set on contemporary Earth. The whole point of the dramatic climax with Kochanski was that he didn't want to pretend, later mirrored in his discussions about the "dream" Craig Charles pretending to be somebody else for a living. It's an important point about Lister's character that there's a certain and deliberate honesty and authenticity to him.

I'm sorry that you didn't like it, but if they were going to do a tie-in (which was really the finest way of executing the concept of being in "our" world) then that was absolutely the best and only reasonable option.

(Deleted comment)
"just because Lister is the main character, it had to be him"

Yes. Well done for understanding the point of a main character.

I've already explained, none of the others are even in real work at the minute, which would kind of fuck up the whole "contemporary earth" thing a bit if the show tried to pretend that they were :oP

(Deleted comment)
Rimmer's easy - Tomb Raider.

Or perhaps a revival of Prince Among Men..?

It just made most sense for that part to be Lister's. You can argue about whether they could have made that segment better, that's up to you, but the choice of cross-over really was a simple one. Only one show really fits.

(Deleted comment)
Sometimes you have to make those choices in order for your show to get made. If your show isn't going to bring in the required viewing figures, and get the right level of advertising revenue, then you don't make it, simple as that.

I still maintain that the crossover is a great plot device, and that the choice was the best they could have made. The fact that it represented a great opportunity to market the show also helps. Without plenty of viewers, there is no show.

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