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(no subject)
So anyway.. flu.. sucks, right?

I felt kind of okay on Tuesday evening, except that my nose was slightly blocked, but otherwise all seemed fine.. Woke up on Wednesday feeling kind of like death, though I started to feel a bit better as the day went on, and after I slept an additional three or four hours. But that didn't last, and suddenly my whole body started to ache, and I had pains all over, and just.. bleh..

Wednesday evening was okay in part - I was able to eat, at least, and Naomi took good care of me. Unfortunately, Wednesday night was really not okay - I woke up shaking uncontrollably (though I wasn't at all cold), and Thursday really didn't get off to a good start either. I think I slept through almost all of Thursday, and other than a small bar of chocolate and a couple of bananas, I couldn't bring myself to eat anything. More shivers, later followed by a high fever, which was only kept at bay by sleeping with a wet towel next to the bed for keeping myself cool..

Friday was a bit better than Thursday, but still shit.. And today my neck hurts a bit, my head is aching, and my throat and mouth are really not so happy.. But it seems to be gradually going away.. My skin temperature yesterday was something like 32 degrees because of all the cooling down my body was trying to do.. Today it's right about normal, so that's a good sign..

The whole thing has rather sucked - being too ill to even piss about on the Internet is really not much fun. Sleeping for about three quarters of the hours in a day is also a bit.. excessive..?

But on the plus side, Naomi did an excellent job taking care of me, making sure I had enough water, bringing me bananas, trying to cool me down when I was burning up, and generally being very supportive :o)

I would say that I hope to be able to return the favour, though I think I'd actually just rather she didn't get sick in the first place :o)

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Men are such babies when they're sick. I mean, seriously.

(Glad you're feeling better.)

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