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Could do with updating this..

I walked about sixteen miles this weekend. That's a lot of wandering..

On Saturday, I walked the six and a half miles from home to the station. Not the closest station to me, but a station, anyway... It was probably the furthest I've walked from home, and strictly speaking, it cut off a whole mile versus travelling by road (though granted, a car may have been faster).

Saw Naomi last night, which was cool.. Went to Guildford, met her from work, and then went back to hers with her, singing in the car and stuff :o)

Today I went to see Arsenal crush Middlesbrough.. Lots of fun, very good match (again).. I've decided not to try to get tickets to the Champions League semi-final, it'd be expensive, and I still have a game against Chelsea to go see, so I'll stick with that. Still, football? It's good :o)

It's been a long and active weekend.. and even now I'm sitting here, high on sugar from smarties and cola, already doing some work for tomorrow, and I realise that there's really been no slowing down at all this weekend. I kind of like that. I need to keep my brain busy to stop it from just dying, and all this probably counts :o)

I could really do with coming up with something interesting to say, but I think I'm probably too exhausted for that...