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(no subject)

In fewer than 90 minutes, and while also watching TV and talking to Edward, I've built it.

Against every comment, you can hit a "quote" button. If the comment is top-level, then it drags the entry itself in, otherwise it drags in the parent comment, to give a bit of context.

You can use a checkbox to then kill that context if it's not needed for the quote itself.

Then you hit a button.

And then the quote is recorded in the database, for rating it and stuff later.. But the important bit is that it's stored...


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Imagine if you applied your intelligence into something REAL.

You know I'm kidding. ;)

The idea has occurred to me too.. but only briefly... :o)

I've had similar thoughts in my day. I'd say that they were less dorky in general but that would be a lie.

you're really quite proud of yourself aren't you.

Oh, is that all you did with your evening? Shame.

I had fun, and learned new skills that are applicable to my career. Additionally, 90 minutes does not constitute a whole evening.

What have you done lately that was worthwhile? :oP

Masturbation. Toootally worthwhile.

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