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(no subject)
The match last night was amazing. Best football match I've ever been to, and I'm lucky with that, since it was also the most expensive I've ever been to. Good seats too, which is good, since I'm sitting in almost exactly the same spot for the other two games to which I've bought tickets.

My tweets from last night go roughly as follows:
  • On my way to the match now.. Reassured by the number of Arsenal fans on the train.. I only wish I had the relevant clothes for the occasion.
  • Nuts, my station was closed, so am now on the wrong side of the stadium.. This should be fun... Oh well, off we go!
  • Great first half.. A goal up.. And scored at my end too.. If they're to come back, at least I'll get a good view of their goal :o)
  • 3-0 up.. Our fans are chanting "we want four" - bet Villarreal are thinking the same ;o)
  • It's all over, and I'm on my way home.. Awesome match, so worth it. These crowds are easy to cut through when it's just me.. Almost at tube.
So yes.. not a lot to say about it really except that I really enjoyed myself, even getting into singing at times.. It was also nice to see the fans cheering Robert Pires, in spite of some slightly unkind things he may have said in the Spanish press...,

The rest of the season ought to be interesting.. If Arsenal go to the finals of the two cups they're in, and Chelsea overcome Barcelona, then Arsenal's fixture list for the rest of the season goes like this:

Middlesbrough *
Manchester United
Manchester United ?
Chelsea *
Manchester United
Manchester United

So that's eleven games, of which eight would be played against top four opposition.

I already have tickets to the games with an asterisk, and am giving real consideration to buying for the game with the question mark too.. Tickets go on sale on the 29th of April - in other words, I would need to have bought a ticket before seeing the first away leg, which is kind of scary..

It's shaping up to be quite a good season really :o)

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Is it really worth speculating about Chelsea beating Barcelona, though?

Not in reality, no, but it makes the upcoming fixtures look funnier that way... :o)

You should have bought tickets for the Liverpool game. That was one not to be missed!

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