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(no subject)
Right. This is going to bug me. Really really bug me. But I must know..

If you enter Piccadilly Circus underground station, go down both sets of escalators, and then immediately turn right, then that takes you down the "exit only" tunnel to the platforms. If you cross over both platforms and head down the stairs to the Northbound Bakerloo platform, and keep going straight, then that brings you out at the north end of the platform.

Got that? Good..

Thing is, immediately before you get to the platform, there's a spiral staircase that heads downwards. It's really easy to miss, and seeing as how it's at the (clearly signed) exit, you would never take those stairs, because they go the wrong way. You're exiting, right? The arrow points up, doesn't it? Why would you go downwards?

Furthermore, based on my understanding of the layout of the station, those stairs wouldn't take you to the Piccadilly line either, and there's a whole other way to get there anyway.

So what we have is that we've got a staircase that logically doesn't lead anywhere useful, I've never seen anyone go down it, all the signs tell you to go to other places, etc...

So why is it then that there's music coming from down there?

I mean, that is the question.. There's obviously something down there. Can't be buskers, who would busk where nobody actually goes? But there's music, and something is going on.

I feel like next time I have some time free, I should go investigate....

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(Deleted comment)
Perhaps what I need is some bait, so that the monster gets distracted and I can escape..

Say, are you in work today..? ;o)

(Deleted comment)
Okay, well I won't be free to investigate until next Tuesday, so that gives me time to prepare, sort out my will, that sort of thing...

(Deleted comment)
Sounded kind of like buskers or something.. maybe some sax, with stuff accompanying it.. Definitely coming from this downward staircase...

Seriously, you should totally pop over and we'll find out what it is... :o)

Seems fairly obvious to me that it leads to London Below.

Reading this description fills me with a sense of dread I can't quite place. Have fun exploring the Staircase of Doom, though.

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