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(no subject)
I bloody love my host.. Seriously kids, nethosted.co.uk is so very much where it's at in terms of quality of service, and customer relations.

I upgraded my hosting package, and got an e-mail from them asking if they can move my site to a less busy server, on account of the number of PHP hits it's taking. One of the reasons I upgraded was because I was well aware that technically my site probably hammers their servers, and that this hammering isn't covered under the usual allowance for disk space and bandwidth. So at least this way I feel like I'm paying for what I'm actually using a little more...

Monthly, my site gets...

10,000 visitors
50,000 visits
1.13m page impressions
4.23m hits
1.7gb traffic

So in terms of disk space, I'm not using much, nor am I using much bandwidth, but given that pretty much all 1m page impressions are php scripts, I wouldn't like to think about how much CPU power I might be using.

Now, the clowns at UK2.net, upon seeing that my scripts were being a little active, kept suspending my account without warning or explanation, and then simply said "your scripts are too heavy". And I was paying for this service?!!

Whereas here, they've asked about moving the site to a different server, and asked whether the upgrade was to expand the capabilities of my site (which it is) or whether it was to add on other sites, with a view to configuring it according to what I'm actually trying to do.

This, my friends, is customer service at its finest. Or "at its most fine".

(as an aside, I tried to spell both instances of "its" with an apostrophe - I feel dirty)

In any case, seriously, I am very impressed right now :o)

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Pretty awesome. If I was a smug Brit, I'd go with their services.

How much is that a month? And what proportion of that is paid for by the Google advertising?

That used to cost me £8 per month. None of which is paid by Google, because I don't get enough clicks.

But for such a small amount per month, they were really rather forgiving.

UK2, on the other hand, are not only shit, but make it as hard as they possibly can to let you leave, and then in their customer retention crap (that you have to click through to leave them) they claim that other hosts will charge you considerable amounts to move your domains over, and require lots of paperwork etc.

Then UK2 have the nerve to charge £12 to release my domain, and for a while there were asking that I fax them a copy of my passport for proof that I'm me. The fucking nerve of them!

Worst host I've ever used, without a doubt.

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