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This is waiting with me at the bus stop

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(Deleted comment)
Just before the bus came, the woman at the bus stop with me suggested that "we" (by which I mean I) moved it before all the school kids came by and messed with it. And even though it had sat there patiently while I took pictures, or shielded it from a curious dog, or just generally stumbled around it in my dizzy state, the second I moved towards it with the intention of picking it up it figured "fuck this, I'm off", even without me so much as bending down.

Psychic amphibians are clearly the next big threat to world peace...

"before all the school kids came by and messed with it"
Made me think of this.. which may not be appreciated by some people.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
It's bloody scary!

Only if you're a bit of a queen ;o)

I mean seriously, it's just a frog :o)

That is so rad! I can't wait for our wildlife to start coming out again :)

Awww, he's so cute!

We had a fat frogg like that living behind a light on our garage when I was in high school. He jumped down one day and the "splat" sound he made when he hopped echoed thoughout the yard.

Fat frogs are awesome.

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