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(no subject)
This from Edward:
I want to get a Stretch Armstrong, and I'll grab one end, James can grab the other, we'll go out to Whites Field and see just how serious he is about his career choice...
I sense it would turn into a contest to see who allows the elastic to snap and wound the other first....

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Hahah I search that guy (yeah, grew up in a cave apparently) and found this: what's going on here? :P

Yeah, he says he's not going to pay up, but he applauds you anyway...

Hahaha, oh well. Although I think I deserve something for putting my neck on the line here.

I wish I could believe you...

Haha, well I have no way of proving it. Oh well.

I actually do believe you but it's worthless to me without a witness.

Stretch armstrong always used to be filed with a highly viscous gel that would return him to normal. When I managed to break mine it just splurged everywhere rather than snapping back.

Still was fun to try. I wonder what toy I should break this weekend.

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