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(no subject)
As seen on the tube, an advert for Nivea "Silver Protect":
Who would of thought that silver and milk would mix?
I don't know, who would of thought that?

I mean, are adverts on the tube so expensive that they can't afford an editor to double check the work of their illiterate copy writers?

Or are the adverts so inexpensive that it really doesn't matter if you totally fuck them up?

When I mentioned it to my boss, he was of the opinion that somebody probably ought to have been fired for that - after all, it's a widespread public advertising campaign, with a glaring error in it. Who approves this shit?

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(Deleted comment)
ITYM "disappointing"...

Who would of thought it

Disappointing only has one 'S', Rob...

When I first glanced at this, I thought, "How could James of all people make such an egregious mistake??"

Seriously, how did that get past so many people in production?

It's possible that they were writing from a verbal stance rather than a grammatically correct one. Most people pronounce "would've" as sounding like "would of", making that statement phonetically correct. Either that or they're aiming at the lowest common denominator who wouldn't notice something like that.

Or the copy writer/editor was just a moron.

"Phonetically correct" in writing? Blimey. So they might as well write "PLEEZ BYE HOUR PRODDUCKED".

That's usually enough for me not to buy the product.
And I agree someone should be fired. Although it's probably everyone's fault.

It's not quite the same, but in at least one car park around here there are signs all over that tell you "Lock it, or loose it". The mistake is made more obvious, as someone has crossed out one of the o's. It's council commissioned, so I assume it's in several car parks

I see this kind of thing from my students all the time. No one can write worth a shit anymore. I'm sure whoever approved it was annoying their tenth grade English teacher just a few short years ago.

I saw that advert last night. I am thinking of dropping a mail into their marketing department and suggesting they can go jump OFF OF a cliff!! I doubt they would understand my sarcasm, or purposely inbuilt grammatical phrase and/or error.

I mentioned it to them, got the following response:
Dear James,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding our recent Nivea For Men Silver Protect Deodorant advertisement.

We must apologise for the grammatical error on this advert and I can assure you this matter has been brought to the attention of our Marketing Department.

Thank you once again for taking the time and trouble in contacting us.

Yours sincerely, yadda yadda

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