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So Anyway, about Mice
Dave pointed out to me that I never actually said in any great detail why it is that I practically hate Mice (as in my flatmate, not the rodent). So here's the explanation:

Well, let's start towards the beginning. Right at the start of term, I had a huge crush on her, and she was actually quite good about it, didn't freak out or anything. But she never respected my feelings either, and carried on with her life regardless of considering me. It wasn't bad, but it was a bit annoying when she'd flirt with people in full view of me and not give a damn.

But moving on, to the night which we just refer to in the flat as The Night. Sometimes referred to as The Night With The Lists. A few nights previously, myself, James and Ebs had had our first guy chat - we decided to rank the girls in the flat according to who we were most attracted to. It was a rather shallow attempt to break the ice, as it were, since none of us were especially great friends at that time. Anyhow, somehow (I forget how), Mice came into possession of the knowledge of James's list. Saturday, November 18th comes - Alex and Claire both have friends down for the weekend, and we all go out, as a flat, to Grapevine. I think it was that night, anyway. Might have been earlier in the term. But regardless, Mice tells Claire that James fancies her, tells James that Claire fancies him, totally fucking up any chance those two had of getting together. She also tells Alex that James rates her highly, along with telling a load of other people personal stuff. Disaster - everybody is seriously fucked up by that, and flat relations go straight down the pan.

Fast forward a bit - a few minor incidents and it becomes obvious that Mice cannot be trusted with any knowledge. However, since she's one of the few people who are online at home, I spoke to her much over the Christmas holidays. She seemed to be being nice to me and all, and I told her about the whole Jenny thing that happened at New Year's, along with keeping her informed on the Harry/Alex situation. What I didn't know until later was that Mice was passing on all the text messages I sent her about everything to Alex. Not just this, she even printed off a log of a conversation I had with her, hilighted parts, and showed it to Alex. The log contained nothing especially big, just a few things that Mice found annoying and wanted to point out to Alex.

Then, after we got back to term, Mice told Alex that Brett (the guy she's fancied for like 8 months) got back with his ex at New Year's. Alex didn't need to know this, it wasn't important, but Mice seemed to enjoy telling her.

Fast foward some more - the night of The Plan - my attempt to get shot of Harry and her feelings for me for good. The reason that whole thing came out into the open was as a result of Mice shooting her mouth off for no good reason, resulting in me being confronted by Harry and Alex, while the whole thing was watched by Claire, James, Annie, Ebs.... All because of Mice.

Then there's Ebs. Ebs had liked Mice since the start of Uni, and she'd liked him. But he had a girlfriend, and stuck by her, and never once put a foot wrong. However, once she broke up with him, Ebs was really upset and needed somebody to talk to. He'd always been there for Mice, but she was wholly unsupportive. Then, out of the blue, on Vicky's birthday, the two of them got off with each other at the Honey Club, and got together. It last two weeks, on and off, until she broke up with him. Her reason for doing anything in the first place was later revealed to be because she wanted to see if she could handle a real relationship with somebody, because she wanted to see if she really liked him or not, and a load of other self-centered reasons. She never told him that he was just an experiment, however, and just messed him about.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, her sister Gill came to stay. However, Mice was too busy with her new boyfriend to pay any attention to her sister, and palmed her off onto me and Vicky. We took good care of her, and made sure that she had somewhere to stay (since Mice wasn't coming home at night, and letting Gill into her room). Gill and I had huge long conversations lasting until like 5am, just about stuff, which was really nice. Then Mice would come home, and instead of apologising to Gill, she'd thank me. I didn't want thanks - I enjoyed chatting to Gill, but I doubt Gill was happy with the arrangement... Sheesh...

Add to this the fact that she'll send me an SMS at 3am saying "Help" and I'll go to her and see what's wrong - I've cared for her when nobody else gave a shit, and she's not once repayed me with any sort of friendship, loyalty, or respect. This is why I am always so mad at her. She doesn't deserve friends, the way she treats them. A lot of the reason the 5 of us are getting a flat without the others is because it gives us a way to get shot of Mice. Nobody is impressed with her self-centered, whiny, annoying outlook. Bah :o)

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Better then Eastenders. OFFICIAL!

Now we just need to have Mice shot, and we're on our way to even higher ratings :o)

Never met her, never want to either. Sounds right stuck-up to me. You want her shot you say?

<strokes revolver>

I'll do it for a Dairylea Slice.

*playful laughter*

Dan will do anything for the taste of Dairylea...

If I give you a pack of Dairylea will you *ahem*take care of Laura for me? >: )

Gentlemen, I think we may have a deal. Now if I could just drag my wallet out of whichever dusty crevice I have it tucked away in, I will give you my details.

Soon, both your lives will be free of this rigmorale. Just don't go dobbing me in when the brown stuff hits the fan. :)

Don't worry - I already have all your details - the dairylea is in the post.

By the way, could you throw in Michael Mullen and Grant Wilson (dead, naturally) for free? Go on....

You're just taking the mickey now.

All three will cost you a Dairylea Lunchable, 'Tender Turkey' variety preferably. There might be problems when it comes to assassinating this 'Grant' chap, I forget what said person looks like.

Well don't look at me - I won't know what he looks like.

Mind, if you do find him (and I hear he's very tall, that might be a clue), make sure you get my Tiberian Sun disks off him. Not that I like the game, but it'd be nice to play it, and the thieving bastard has had my disks since our December LAN party in 1999...

Oh him! I think I recall a lanky walking thing. Now, if only I knew what his *handle* was when he played Counter-Strike, I could search for him with the use of GameSpy and crash the CS server that he is playing on with ease.

Not a brutal death maybe, but this is Grant we are talking about. No CS = no life. Do you see?

No CS = no life

I think that in Grant's case, "no life" is already occuring :o)

Do you have an offshore fridge? If so then half the dairylea will be deposited there at a time later to be arranged, and half upon completion of your....task.

She sounds exactly like Laura!! Never a good thing.

And check your Friends page :(

Ahh goes on I suppose...but still...bugger : (

Sounds like a really nice person.

I am sure you can guess if indeed know what I am thinking!

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