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(no subject)
Had weird dreams last night, as evidenced by my sleep-tweeting..

The one I remember had me and SG-1 on the island from Lost.. I'd seen Daniel dragged off by the smoke monster in a trailer, so when it came for him I didn't try to stop it, I just followed them...

Then we found this lovely old cottage in the jungle, which was nice..

And then, in order to get one over on the hostiles, we employed a software consultant to give us some suggestions on how best to track people on the island.

I spent the rest of the dream in meetings as we went over his recommendations, completed project plans, invited comment from other suppliers, and went through lists of requirements.

I think if Lost tried a change of direction like that, they'd lose all their viewers...

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How queer.
Last night I had a SG-1/LOTR dream. It wasn't all that fun.

This made me giggle :D It's so you

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