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Mid Afternoon Report
Well, I've just been out to the shops. The damned place didn't have the Radio Times, or indeed any good TV guides. So I shall just have to make do with my trusted DigiGuide. However, I did buy a few other things. First, I bought 8 packets of wine gums (and ate 3 on the way home). Just for a sugar fix, obviously - along with a box of maltesers, and a box of smarties. I've also eaten the maltesers, but not the smarties yet.

The other thing I bought was perhaps a bad idea. I decided that, since I may be rather depressed this week and will probably get a little thirsty (the alcohol sort), I'd probably raid the brandy in the cupboard. This was a very bad idea last time, so I don't want it happening again. To that end, I bought a large bottle of Archers, so that if I really get annoyed, I can just drink some of that. Of course, I don't want that happening, but I think it will. Fortunately, I shall probably hold off until Friday - don't want to be too hung over to get to work. The bottle is currently sat on the table about 2 feet from me, and I'm doing a marvelous job of resisting picking it up and smelling the beautiful peach and alcohol taste.... Argh....

Anyhow, on my return, I discovered that a container which had contained Bolognese previously (until I ate it about a week ago) that had been sitting out has grown a rather expansive culture of mould. From a biologist's perspective, it was somewhat interesting - small black blobs, and white fuzzy balls of what looked like wool. From the perspective of the person who has to live in this house, I immediately put it in the sink, filled it with boiling water, added bleach, some other anti-bacterial stuff (even though fungi occupies a different Kingdom to bacteria technically speaking). It's made the water go a funny color now. Mummy probably won't be best pleased......

In other news, I just finished my Maltesers this minute, and I'm now chilling out, sitting in my nicely air conditioned room, talking to people... Oscar is back from his holiday in Italy - perhaps I can get him to get a journal. That'd be groovy.... Now it's just a matter of waiting for David to come home so that I can talk at him for a while. Oh well, may as well start reading other peoples' journals again - that's always interesting :o)


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