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I have no interest in "shipping" my "tweets" to LiveJournal, at least not in their current state.. But there are plenty of things that I've meant to say, only couldn't find the space, and I think it's probably appropriate to elaborate on those a little..

Shit, I hate having an amazing idea only to find that somebody else got there first.. Oh well, just have to keep trying :o)

Yeah, so you know when people reply to something with "That's what she said!"? Yeah, basically, run a Twitter app that pulls back all tweets that have that phrase, that are replies to something - then put the initial message up on a site and have people rate which accidental set-up lines are the funniest.

Only it's already been done. And actually, that wasn't my exact idea - mine was close, sort of, but probably not quite as good.. Still, at least my imagination is still working, that's a positive sign...

Ha! Brighton bus fares are as huge a con as they ever were.. I can't even begin to describe what a cheat this shit is..

Right, so, when I was at uni, any bus into Brighton cost £1. For that quid you could ride the bus as far as it went, which was rather nice... So I get to the bus stop and see that a "short hop" outside the central area now costs £1, which is great, that's just what I need. Only this will cover me for two stops. WTF? I can walk that distance in like five minutes, how could that be worth it?

Ugh.. I can't even put into words quite what my issue with them is, except they're fucking scam-monkeys and have been for a good eight and a half years.

Walking along Brighton Beach, you couldn't pry my grin off with a crowbar. In the off-season it's just you and the sea. This feels like home

See, the thing about Brighton is, I lived there for years, and we got very attached... On my walk from the office to the station, I walked past the following places of note (and in order):

The first place I ever lived on my own
The hotel where we held our Frisbee awards dinner
The beach where we lit a fire after said dinner
The first nightclub I ever went to
The bar where I used to go with the Extreme Sports society
The pub I used to go to with people from work when I first started there
The restaurant my parents used to take me to when they visited
The building I graduated in, and the gardens we hung out in afterwards
The shop where I bought my guitar and amp
The student house I lived in for three and a half years

God, it all just feels like a whole other life.. The people I spent it with don't exist any more, in the form in which they used to.. I've not seen most of them for years in any case, but it's more the fact that most of them haven't seen each other in a long time that really breaks it.. The social groups that I miss no longer exist, and everybody's lives have moved on.

To put it in context with being in Chinnor.. Chinnor holds really fond memories for me, but most of them are prior to secondary school. Right now, I'm enjoying things like working out where the source of the stream I used to visit as a small child is located, or discovering places that I always imagined when I was little but had never bothered to see.. The joy of being there during the snow, too, was more about my earlier childhood.

Secondary school really doesn't hold many happy memories for me. It's only when you get to sixth form, being taught Biology by Miss Fuller and Chemistry by Mr Ryder that I can even think of anything truly positive that came out of that place. All my happy memories from about 1995 to 2000 involve things that happened at home, rather than anything that happened at school or in any sort of social life (trip to Ireland in '99 excluded).

Brighton is a totally different thing though.. Indie Night at the Escape club, seeing bands at the Concorde 2, clubs, societies, frisbee tournaments up and down the country, various womenfolk, a social life, a job, and probably above all those things, living by the sea.. For more than four years, I was no more than five minutes' walk from the beach, and for eight months of that I lived just up the road from it, with sea views.

Contrast that with two years in Cardiff, and a year in Bristol... It really says something about how awesome Naomi is that I don't for a second wish I'd stayed in Brighton - she makes up for the lack of all those things. But that's not to say that I don't perceive the lack of them, or consider both Cardiff and Bristol to be vastly inferior to Brighton in every respect. London is the only place that comes close, and where it doesn't quite make the cut, it makes up for it with an interesting local history.

What's important now is that when we get to Guildford, we make sure to make that a home. I'd rather like to feel attached to where I live, it's a good feeling :o)

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I do it because I sometimes post a lot pictures that I probably wouldn't get around to uploading and posting to LJ separately. I wish there was a way to do it where you got an email asking if you wanted it sent each day to LJ.

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