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Good morning from London

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Good night from Bedford!

(Wish I was there though)

You certainly do, Bedford is an absolute chav-filled scum-hole.. Just ask grandwazooo, he lives just down the road from it...

LoL He has sent me pictures of it.

My Bedford isn't so bad though.

Nah, looks far too American ;o)

Your envy is overflowing, sir ;)

Hardly - your nation's approach to house construction does not meet my exacting standards. I could only ever live in a densely packed city in the US, your suburbs are just ugly :o\

Oh James...

You know, having lived here, and having lived in Las Vegas, I can't say I care for either. I'm not really sure where I'd want to live...


Much nicer than what is going on here at the moment...

Actually, no. That's all south of us. It's just ridiculously cold. And when I commented last, there was no hint of sun behind the clouds. We do have a bit of sun now but it's still only nine degrees.

Good morning from Florida...

Plz excuse shitty camera phone.

You are excused, though mine was shot with a camera phone too, and was much better ;o)

My phone was made in like, 2005. I have a good excuse. :P

Being a luddite excuses nothing..

I am not a British textile artisan in the early nineteenth century! How dare you!

Nor are you all that hot on metaphors either :oP

You destroy one mechanized loom and suddenly you're branded for life. :(

I will concede that your use of Wikipedia when you don't understand a word is reasonably good, but sadly your subtlety in doing so is poor.

Stop using obscure metaphors. :(

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