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More walking, and celebrity spotting
Logically, if a person can claim to have swum the Atlantic based on swimming for eight hours a day, then resting on a boat for the rest of the time, then presumably achievements for travelling distances do not require that this is done in any sort of continuous fashion.

This is fortunate, since edward and I have been taking walks that all meet up at common points, but which are (for obvious reasons) not carried out on the same day.

Today's walk managed to break my old map, so I decided to build a new one, using Google rather than just using a picture and drawing direct onto that. It seemed to help a bit..

A work in progress...

Among the highlights of this walk was seeing Jay Kay (of Jamiroquai fame)'s house.. We saw the mansion from a distance and joked that it might be his, and then upon walking around to the front we found this planning permission notice, which clearly indicates that a Mr Kay wishes to build somewhere to put his many luxury cars. Satellite images of the house also demonstrate that there's an area of the house basically full of cars. Clearly the man has an interest.

In other news, he has swans:

So that was a bit of a novelty, anyway.. In general, it really was quite a good walk, and beautiful weather. I wouldn't go quite so far as to say that it was summer-like, but it wasn't too far off. Certainly warm enough to go out in a t-shirt, anyway, which is quite the contrast to a few weeks ago, when we were covered in snow.

All things considered, it's been quite a nice day :o)

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A lot of lens flare on that pic James. If its an SLR with a decent lens have you thought about a lens cover?

Alas, it's only a phone :o)

Shame - it looks like a good location to grab a winning photo for the Countryfile photography competition. I'm struggling to find anything inspirational for an entry :(

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