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My little social experiment..
"How Reasonable Are You..?"
Mostly Reasonable
Nobody's perfect
I guess there's a chance that you're almost a reasonable human being.. Though you have a high opinion of yourself, and you like watersports...
Take the test at Meta Overload

This is going to get obnoxious for people before long.. by which I mean "it already happened".

However, I urge everyone to take this, as part of my little experiment... I must understand the mechanics of the Internet....

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(Deleted comment)
It's part of the tracking thing.. I can see which blurbs encourage people to respond the most :o)

Though with the one above, I just went through and hit the first answer in each category - I've taken it "seriously" too many times already :o)

(Deleted comment)
That there was nothing noteworthy in there..

I could do with changing that, but it would take more effort than the experiment is really worth...

(Deleted comment)
It's all mostly arbitrary really :o)

Aw I'm a freak :(. I didn't answer the kids doing drugs question because none of the answers were really reflective of my opinions. Same with the gay marriage one and the circumcision one, but I answered them anyway.

Sorry ;o)

It's annoying, when I coded it at first it worked where if you skipped questions, it didn't matter.. but it also meant that certain results got a bit skewed, so I changed that.. perhaps I should put it back again..

I'm making no sense. Too much coding tonight, time to turn brain off..

Everyone on my FL is getting the same exact result, including myself :-P

If my brain weren't fried, I'd mix things up a bit :o\

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