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(no subject)
As part of my utter Twitter lameness, I registered myself for an account..

Now I only did this because I found that "unknownj" wasn't yet taken, and felt that if anyone was to take it, it ought to be me. Not because I want to use it.

Nevertheless, just putting it out there...

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I was a little surprised when I saw that you were following me on Twitter, especially since I never use mine. :P

ama support question #2

there is apparently a question waiting for me

You can ask questions either using the link above, or by clicking the "Metaquestion" link against people's comments in AMA.

There are outstanding questions waiting for the following users:
barebonedcrazy (2)
lovelychickadee (2)
nafrate (3)

but even logged in as MrFlagg I can not see it. caps problem perhaps?

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