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Long Time Online....
I have been online for 29 hours, and have downloaded 52mb, and uploaded 6mb. I'm heading offline now - later :o)

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how does your brain not hurt? I drove for 1.5 hours and was naffed up completely...don't think I can concentrate for long!

Good lord.

What the bejesus you driving in? Took me and the one named "Mallen" just over 2 1/2 hours to get to Webley. So tell me, how many fields did you cut across? I hope you disinfected your tyres before doing such a thing... Foot-and-mouth and all that.

A polo, ( james make one comment and I'll kill you)And that included much truning aroubnd, and getting stuck in jams, and mostly at the speed limit! What were YOU driving?

Vauxhall Nova, the car of dreams.

Although, truth be said, I was not driving, and if I was, it would of taken about 10 times as long due to the fact I can not drive in a straight line.

If you drove purly in a straight line I would be worried! Car of Dreams my ass!But actually any car is wonderful, esp when its yours!

"But actually any car is wonderful"

Except for an automobile that begins with the word 'Ford' and ends with 'Capri.' The people who designed that should have their hands reduced to stumps. Bit harsh maybe, but my 8 year old nephew could draw a better design for a car on the back of a frying pan. :p

driving doesn't require any concentration (at least not where I'm from....not too many cars...or roads...or anything actually) :-)

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