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(no subject)

And this is why I couldn't make it into work today... It's getting kind of tiresome, because I'd rather like to see London in snow.. But without buses, it's kind of hard to get there...

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There is no snow in London today. Just rain :(

only instead of a comma, we put a period.

Hahahah oh you brits. That's a light dusting. I wouldn't even wear boots for that.

Well I didn't wear boots for it either :oP

But if the roads are sheets of ice, and the buses can't take me to work, then that means a day off :o)

Ah, I was wondering how you managed to find the time to watch Lost. I only read as far as the second word of your text before I figured out what you were trying to do, and then deleted it.

Then that means I still owe you. You should have just faked like I ruined it for you anyway...

We got more snow last night. I'm supposed to have a very important doctor's appt today but I don't know if I can get out. Ugh.

That's nothing - get on your bike and ride to work. ;)

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