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Some Good Songs
Well, there are some good songs on my playlist right now. They are the following:

Lifehouse - Sick Cycle Carousel
Lifehouse - Everything
Stroke 9 - Tear Me In Two

I've been thinking about music - now, more than ever, it plays such a huge part in my life. Since my computer is on 24/7, it's always serving me MP3s - my current playlist is 9 hours long, so I can expect to listen to it twice in any given day. Right now, the playlist is basically the following albums:

James - Best Of...
Lifehouse - No Name Face
Stroke 9 - Nasty Little Thoughts
The Offspring - Conspiracy of One

Plus a few miscellaneous tracks. This has been my playlist since Becca arrived, and until then, it was more or less the same, just without the Lifehouse album (which I only got yesterday). It rarely changes much - every week or so, I totally start from scratch with new albums, but mostly, I play about 5 or so albums exclusively for a good long while.

Music means so much to me lately though, as I was saying. Songs suddenly have meaning, because they're happening at a time in my life where I have meaning. It's great to be able to listen to a song, and have it inspire emotions. For instance, Lifehouse - Hanging on a Moment. That song is very special to me, for reasons I won't necessarily explain right now. Let's just say that I feel very romantic every time I hear it, and I like being made to feel like that.


I love my music :o)

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Songs have's true though: the songs that make you feel something seem to differ at various times in life. I wonder if i listen to these songs because feel like listening to them, or if it's the songs that stir my emotions? My current songs:

Husker du - These important years

this one always makes me thoughtful....if you don't stop to smell the roses now, they might end up on you....

Bruce springsteen - thunder road

Rock and roll revelation. This song can raise anybodys spirits.

Cyndi Lauper - time after time

For some reason i think this song is very romantic...sorta makes me feel sad though

i never (try not to) think about music too much. it's what connects people across language barriers, evokes emotion, a passion for most people, a way of life.

yet i try not to think about it for some reason.

sure it's important to me. i play two instruments, i always have a radio on, winamp open, or i'm singing. in my family it's something we do all the time. we sing together.

i don't want it to take over me completely though. i lose track of time, train of thought.

yeah, there was a point to this comment somewhere... i'm listening to lifehouse at the moment, maybe that's the problem :)

I don't generally think about music much - only when I do my (seemingly regular) LJ posts about it. The rest of the time, I just let it flow through my soul, rather than my brain (regardless of how pants that actually sounds :o)

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