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(no subject)

People actually made tutorials for how to tweak elements of the LJ style I made seven and a half years ago.. For some reason that makes me feel all happy :o)

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You just exceeded even my dorkiness. Just saying.

Oh really?

How many show tunes have you sung to yourself today just for the sake of it? ;o)

It's fine, embrace it :o)

Right then. I shall go (finally) shower and sing show tunes loudly. If I do anything well, it's embracing my dorkiness. Fully.


I'm Neko's Kao Kitties mood theme =D

You should boast about it then :o)

Also, if you and I were ever to have kids, I worry that they would come out as websites rather than people.. That's worrying :o\

*boasts* :3

I'm positive you're correct. They'd likely be large networking sites like Livejournal, which would just spawn badass communities, introducing more nerds like us to produce other baby websites...

I know internet celebrities!

I was totally all about the Webley Boxes back in the day.

Webley boxes=you?

The possibility never occurred to me. That's quite awesome.

I forget what I put in the comment text when there are enough comments, but I'm sure somewhere in here there's a clue or two that it's me..

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