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(no subject)
Most Haunted is on right now.

The stupid cow doing it keeps talking about seeing "light anomalies".

They are fucking moths.

Who the shit watches this?
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Well, you, apparently.

I tried to watch it yesterday. It was HORRIBLE. I seriously couldn't get through ten minutes of it.

There was a tale of a 12 year old haunting the room they were in, and she'd be like 'he's laughing!' 'Hello, child. We will not hurt you.'

WTF?! First of all, I wouldn't really call a 12 year old a child, because it would probably piss them off. Secondly, THEY ARE A 'GHOST' HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY FUCKING HURT THEM.

So ridiculous.

Woah, woah. A cow that can TALK?

He was talking about "big budget". なにこれ?

金額が増えたら、それはfunny storyだけど。



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