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Just finished my 6 slices of toast, still rather hungry, but I have nothing to eat right now. Finished another 250g of Hob Nobs, no pringles left, and so all I have is my drink...

Anyhow, while in the kitchen I spoke briefly to Mice and Tom (her boyfriend), but they retired to her room after a few minutes (let's not go there). Had my dinner, yummy, and then came back to my room, talking to Vicky en route about her newly dyed red hair, and various other subjects.... Fun...

Anyhow, I was reading through my offline journal earlier - the one I kept of the first few days at University. So depressing... It all seems so long ago, and everything was simple then. I didn't have a history with Alex and Harry, I was friends with Mice, and it was all good... I miss that :o)

In the kitchen, I saw my bottle of brandy (only a small 35cl one). One third left. I still can't believe I drank the first two thirds in one night, plus a double at Grapevine. That makes about 5 doubles' worth, yet I remained pretty sober for most of the night. This was probably a clue that I should stop drinking, before it costs me a bomb to get drunk. And that was the last time I drank - Feb 1st. Ho hum :o)

Not much else to say - I've been inspired by my muse to draw, but I don't know what yet... We shall see :o)