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(no subject)
Minor update.. Weighed myself this morning, I was 14st 6lbs.

That means in just over two weeks, I've lost eight pounds.. Now I'm aware that "healthy sustainable weight loss" is more like 2lbs per week, but that's probably assuming that the weight was gained in a sustainable way.

I'm pretty sure that my starting weight in all this, 15st, was ridiculous. It was so disproportionately located on my belly, and was well above where I should have been. It's not unfair to say that I ballooned, and the great thing about that analogy is that it gives a sense for the way in which increased volume leads to increased pressure to expel that volume.

It would make sense that the weight would start falling off, even if later it became harder to do, because my body doesn't want to be that heavy.

Once I've shaken off the SARS (probably within the next week) I can start with the proper exercise regime.. There is plenty of running to be done :o)

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You are really determined to have an earlier wedding date, aren't you?

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