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My current shareholdings total £500. And each month I buy 50 additional shares.

A little while back, for the same monthly investment, I only managed to buy three shares per month, such was their value.

And my current holding of £500 used to be worth £7,000.

It's a good job that I don't really consider my shares to be something that I currently "own", as such.. And hey, compared to some share prices in the financial services sector, I ought to be laughing really...

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I don't want to make you feel bad or anything, but from the sale of British Energy to EDF I'll be getting a cool £3300 later in the month from the free shares given to me from the Share Incentive Plan. Not bad, eh?

Indeed not.

And it's fine - like I said, it could be much worse. I can't even touch most of those shares anyway, so..

RBS have gone from being worth 70bn to being worth about 4.5bn, of which two thirds is owned by the government anyway, so the original 70bn of shares are now worth 1.5bn.

Which is much worse :o)

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