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Okay, so yesterday's walk probably wasn't my brightest idea ever.. I woke up at 4am totally burning up, and had to throw water over myself in order to cool down.. I suspect that my immune system didn't appreciate all the walking..

On the plus side, I got a bit of work done while I was trying to not die, so that was quite cool..

Anyway, here comes my train..

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hey hey...how can i send you a msg?...basically...its about joining ask me anything...thanks...

Well, you could leave the message here, as a comment.. I mean, it's worked so far, hasn't it?

i'm benjistevens btw

I see. Well I'm afraid you're not even remotely welcome in AMA, on account of how you're creepy. Goodbye.

LOL...i wasn't sure it would...

...how terribly kind of you...perhaps, if you thought about the things you said a little bit, before making such sweeping statements...you'd be a better person?...but...who knows?...

Learn to reply to the individual comments, not just posting a new thread every time. It's pretty straightforward.

Anyway, I don't need to be a better person. I've arranged with the other moderators for you not to be allowed to join any AMA communities. Kindly leave.

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