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I walked back to the station tonight.. 2.2 miles in half an hour, which isn't bad.. That's largely thanks to Rihanna, or rather the tempo at which her songs run. I spent much of the time walking in time to fairly fast music, so it was hopefully rather good exercise..

Today I've done a total of 3.5 miles, when I add in the walk to work this morning from the station. I'm rather hoping to catch up with my previous walking target - I still want to have walked a hundred miles by the time I do my final weigh-in..

There was an extra mile this morning, walking to the station from the hotel, but I don't know if I want to include that.. While 4.5 miles in a day ism't bad going, the aim has been to add extra miles to my day, and that mile long walk from the hotel would have been there anyway, it wasn't optional. So I think I'll just claim the 3.5 miles, because that's where I could have otherwise taken the tube.

So I've saved money, and done a decent amount of walking, eaten fairly well today, and it's all good :o)
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A good way to help is to make sure that you're engaging your core as you're walking and keeping your abs tight.

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