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(no subject)
This isn't quite the approach to weight loss that I was aiming for..

I'm missing the Animal Collective gig tonight, which is rather annoying.. I really wish I could have gone, but right now, there's just no way. I'm trying to put all my efforts into getting better for work tomorrow (hopefully). I have too much to be doing to waste time being ill.

One unpleasant side-effect of this is a complete inability to think clearly. Which means I can't really think of anything to write. It's very frustrating. Just as I can't really work, nor can I bring myself to write about anything in here. I think I'll just opt for shutting up.

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I'm very sorry to have to tell you this, but I can't make any allowances for you...When your time's up, it's up ;o)


I feel like every pound I lose through not being able to eat much is a pound that would be better lost doing exercise.. I'll waste away, and then be useless :o(

But I'm still going to rock at this weight-loss thing. You are so screwed ;o)

Perhaps, but as with most of your things, they look better on me :oP

Feel free to try out my germs for a bit ;o)

This I believe also includes friends ;-)

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