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I wonder....
See, I think my artwork has gotten better since those days. Here's a webcam shot of one of my newer pieces:

Bear in mind the webcam destroys a lot of the quality, but still, I think this is better than my other stuff...

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I'm sorry, but that is just FILTHY! I mean how perverted are you man?!?

Just look at the way the two on the outside are pointing their "pistols" at the one in the middle. And that nonchalant look of the bloke on the right, yeah right. If he's so nonchalant why is his hand in his pocket? He's having a quick diddle that's why.

And I won't go into the veritable den of filth that is the woman on the left.

Next thing you'll be drawing them all neked having an orgy.

You're a sick man.


So, shall I add you to the mailing list for people who want to receive the orgy pics? ;o)

No. NO you filthy boy.

NO NO NO NO NO. I mean I'm quite sure I couldn't even comprehend.

Go on then.

(I'm getting predictable again aren't I? I need a new gimmick. I know, I'll be "Insult Boy". Feck orf you ugly fecking greb before I fecking feck you with a feckin fish. Better?)

Do you have a thing for boobs? I mean, look at these ladies. You made their chest "stand out", making her boobs bigger. ;)

See, and therein lies the problem. I can't draw from scratch for toffee, so I have to use case studies. And the particular guy I studied to learn seemed to have a thing about making the breasts each about the same size as the head of the person, and stick out and all sorts of funny angles. Coupled with my inability to draw especially well anyway, and we have a problem :o)

The breasts in that picture are actually reduced from those in the pictures that I was studying - picture that ;o)

The *boobs* cannot be classed as realistic pleeeeeeeeeease.


oh my goodness, i think there's some sort of message in there, actually

some sort of fruedian (sp?) slip


Wow. That chick on the left either has serious tits or she's half boa contrictor and just swallow a matched set of soccer balls. 8-)

[okay, I'll shut up about the boob - it's an excellent picture otherwise]

I like the way her shoulders are back, though ... 'HEY EVERYONE, LOOK AT MY TITS!!!!' 8-)

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