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This is what being dead looks like

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I'm torn between "hahahahah" and "awwww"

I'm not.


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Oh man, I remember that!! Such an odd fantasy...

:-( hope you feel better soon! I got knocked on my ass this week too -- missed an actual day of work for the first time in I don't even know how long.

Wow. You look quite not good. Hope you feel better soon.

You probably had it coming. :)

Hello you :D

I'm not going to the gig tonight, it would be rather silly to try.. poor Edley is going to be going alone :o(


Well good, I would be very annoyed at you if you'd decided you were too ill to go to work, but well enough to go to a gig :oP

I watched Pratt die properly when I got home...It was quite gross and very sad :o(

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