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(no subject)
Ugh, right now I could honestly just cry.. The pressure that's building up inside my head from all the crap that ought to be coming out of my nose is just ridiculous..

Everything above my neck hurts, head, eyes, teeth, face, sinuses, everything.. And everything below my neck just feels generally numb.

I just tried to write "numb" as "number". Stupid work.

So in general, I just want to cry.. And I very nearly did a few minutes ago.. I wonder if we have anything that will knock me out properly overnight, so that I can at least get some sleep...

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Well I feel rather bad for laughing at that picture now :(. Feel better. *good vibes*

Make yourself a hot tea with some liquor of your choosing. Should work well.

Feel better, James.

(Deleted comment)
I agree. Something spicy will definitely help, and then you can use some Vick's Vaporub and get some hot (decaf) tea with lemon and honey.

That was my exact state last week. It also led to two ear infections, and I did end up crying from the pain. Crying did kind of help a little to loosen things up...along with turning my shower into a sauna (thanks for the reminder, Dale).

That sounds absolutely miserable. I hope you feel better fast.

UGH. That sucks, man. I hope you feel better very soon.

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