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Oh, by the way...
Whoever sent me the book, thanks, or something. I expect you know who you are, although I'm buggered if I do. I shall enjoy reading it, I'm sure...



Update: There's a bit of sarcasm in there - did you spot it? :o)

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What book is it?

Let's not go there. We'll just say that I'm pretty sure that it's not a book I would order :o)

ahh, one of them books eh?

oo oo, type us an

So you dunno who sent it?

if it was one of them books, i wouldn't put it past you, considering your ability to write that kind of stuff...

Nah, it's not quite along those lines. Right sort of subject matter, but fact, rather than fiction...

ahh, wonder who it could be then?

So do I - it's all rather confusing really...

it came through the post right? so where's the postmark?

It's from Amazon

ahh, so who would send you a book of that nature then? jen?

Nah - doesn't have a credit card (AFAIK), and doesn't know my Uni address. It's somebody who knows where I live.

thats me out of ideas then, tell us if you find out though

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