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(no subject)
Well, I gave in.. Partly out of a desire to see some of the outside world, and partly out of the knowledge that I had insufficient food to keep me busy here, and that a failure to eat anything would be looked upon unfavourably by my body. Starvation is not an appropriate response.

It's been ten days since I last ate a chocolate bar or equivalent, and I feel rather good about that. To be honest, diet wasn't necessarily part of the equation at all - the idea originally was to spend more time getting fit (which I've started to do), and let the diet take care of itself while I burn off the calories. The chocolate ban was just an added bonus (or rather a necessary component for any of it to work).

But you know what? Subway isn't that good.. I don't know if it was just this particular meal, or a general feeling about their food in general, but I'm not at all excited about it any more. I came away from that meal thinking "meh", without even finishing it completely. That is the extent to which I am disinterested in their offering. And if I do find myself wanting it tomorrow, then it probably points towards some insidious addictive agent, in which case I definitely shouldn't get one.

Either way, no Subway in the near future, I don't think. That's quite a good outcome :o)

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yeah, I'm not a subway fan. And I seem to remember much better sandwich places when I was in London, tho I don't know if they're anywhere else. What's that pair of shops that are super similar and serve packaged sandwiches and yogurt and stuff? (I know -- I'm so specific)

Uh.. Pret? Eat? We have tons of places like that.. But I don't buy packaged sandwiches, so there's your problem :o)

yeah, pret and eat were both good. but I suppose I'm not picky about packaged sandwiches, as I find the quality of both of those to be way better than subway.

I think I may be a bit biased. I did get food poisoning at subway when I was 11 and moving cross country. that was an unpleasant evening.

I find it impossible to locate packaged sandwiches that have ingredients that are acceptable to me, so that kind of kills them dead.

The great thing about Subway is getting to choose what's in it and see them do it. That way they don't put in anything that's likely to make me gag (like mayo, for example).

I will sacrifice quality for control any day :o)

hahahaha. Okay, yeah, I can see that.

you know, maybe the best solution is just to make your own sandwiches.

I do sometimes.. it just gets to be a bit of an effort, because with the ingredients I like the most, I have to cook them first.. Like, I make myself a home made sauce, but that takes half an hour or so out of my evening, which isn't ideal..

I'll find some happy medium eventually :o)

have you ever tried freezing up your homemade sauce into, say, ice cube trays? then you can cook a bunch at once and save them for other sandwich events. but, yeah, I know what you mean about effort. I rarely cook Asian food because anything above a stirfry takes me quite awhile.

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