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(no subject)
Right now I'm having a really interesting conversation with myself about whether or not to go to Subway.

There's this one voice, he sounds a bit fat, who says that it would be good for me to get out and about, head to Subway, grab some lunch, enjoy it so much, it's not that calorific, Sparkpeople says it's only 760 calories, and if it keeps me going until dinner then that's not bad, since my breakfast was only about 400, which gives me plenty of room for dinner. And hey, it's only 24g of fat which gives me up to 36g more today if I want it, and I'd still have plenty of carbs allowance left, and it's an excellent source of protein.

The other voice just sits there, pointing at the fatty voice, chanting "Fatty! Fatty!"

The second voice isn't very polite, but he makes up for it by being insistent. It's an effective strategy.

My deadline for this is noon - after that, the place gets too busy for me to consider bothering. Tick tock...

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Don't listen to that dark voice that's calling you fat.

The voice happens to be correct - it's hard to deny that it has a point :o)

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