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(no subject)
I'm not sure why everybody is panicking so much about LiveJournal laying off some of its US staff..

We had the same hysteria when LJ got sold to SixApart, and more of the same when it got sold on to SUP. To the best of my knowledge, neither of these resulted in the wholesale destruction of the service. Half the point of SUP is that it basically was LiveJournal, at least in Russia - does it not make sense that they might want to consolidate their staff there?

So I don't entirely buy the panic. But it does underline the value of having a contingency plan, which of course I do.. Is it a mere coincidence that I have a method for storing comments in such a way that they can be rendered in their original tree structure? Or that I've designed methods for authenticating users, storing efficient cookies, building user profile pages? What is the AMA Comparison Game if not a method for rendering and storing poll results? What is the AMA Meta Questions game if not a method for sending private and public messages between users? What was the AMA Details Exchange if not a method for setting variable permission user groups?

I don't know exactly how long it would take me to build a new site from the ground up. I'm not 100% certain that my current host could necessarily take the traffic, of course, that's something to consider.

A dedicated server would cost £125 per month. That's £1,500 per year, for the slightly slower people. Not a tiny amount. I'm pretty confident that advertising revenue might be able to sort me out with at least some of that, and good God have I got an outstanding targeted banner ad server, if only I had the CPU power to run it (which is where a dedicated server would work great). With the number of pageviews that current AMA gets, and being able to offer targeted advertising, I really should be able to cover about half of that amount, maybe more.

Then, ugh, contributions for the rest.. I don't know what I'd want to sell to the users that I honestly thought was worth money, but I supposed integrated dedicated homepages for everyone might be a good start.

And hey, being able to pull something like that off would look great on the old CV... :o)

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(Deleted comment)
Nah, there are things that I want to be able to do on LJ that I just can't because of limitations in how it works. I would plan to move the whole thing to my own site now if I thought anybody would come, but people do so love their inertia..

So a little part of me kind of wants LJ to experience some sort of exodus, because it would justify my New AMA ;o)

I do think AMA would lose a bit for leaving LJ. It's not just about inertia, it's because it's still part of your friend list (though not necessarily showing on the f-page) and it's an integrated experience. It would live on its own, but with a significant cut, I'd imagine.

That's why I wouldn't move it unless LJ went completely kaput :o)

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