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A bit belated...
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Thank GOD she's in it, she adds the pretty to the whole video.

I'm just kidding, the cat is cute, too. :P

I don't think I'd ever seen Naomi. Well done Mister :) (you're cure, Naomi, as I know you're reading this too).
And how domestic you both look :)

Thank you, you're very kind :o) James called me just to make sure that I saw this!

And a happy new year to you too!

It seems like we did this so long ago, but it's only a week, isn't it? Oooh, and did you ever find out whether other people saw the UFOs? :D

Not that I know of, but there were a few other "sightings" around the country.

I think it was most likely some sort of awesome prank.. My money is still on miniature hot air balloons ;o)

I couldn't watch this until today, but: Naomi has the cutest voice ever.

I'm at the mechanic's getting my car looked at so I couldn't listen to this with sound, but you two look absolutely adorable in your pink room. ^_^

A++ would watch again.

how very British. I like! Is it just me, or is Naomi's accent slightly different from yours?

I'll have to do a longer video so you can try to work it out, I wouldn't want to give you any spoilers :o)

yes. that sounds excellent :-)

You guys are so cute- love the accents!

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