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Well, I've had my bath. Note to self - water from the hot tap is really hot. Oh well, no permanent harm done, I guess. At least now I'm clean, eh.... I had a strange revelation in the bath, actually (no, don't run away, it wasn't like that) - I can someday sue my school for thousands of pounds in compensation. That's right, the bastards have disfigured me, by forcing me to carry so many books in my school bag. While looking in the mirror (I was curious as to whether I've lost weight, thank you so very much you sick minded gits), I noticed how seriously my back bows. It's, like, really bad. My front is pretty much straight all the way down, but my back curves right in. Now, while my experience of naked people is limited (well, from the side at any rate ;o), I'm still fairly sure that my back shouldn't be like that. Wonder how much I can get in damages.....

Anyhow, in other news, there were three spiders sharing my bath with me. All got removed soon enough, what with them being dead already (shame, I like spiders being alive, even though they give me the willies...). Oh well

Yay, new to my friends list is Byers.... Hopefully he'll post more than Antti and Rey, who have been rather quiet lately... Eventually, I simply know I'll have all my friends posting on this thing, and then it'll be really confusing :o)

Hmm... The BBC has announced BBC3 and BBC4. BBC4 will apparently be more highbrow, containing culture, science, and similarly themed programs. I won't even bother tuning my TV into that one. Nothing on BBC3 - hands up all of those who think they'll just rename the (currently sub par) BBC Choice channel....

More on these and other issues later....


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