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(no subject)
Phew, that was some nice exercise.. Spent half an hour running around a frozen field, chasing my boomerang.

Which, apparently, I haven't written about yet. Weird.

So I bought a couple of boomerangs from the Science Museum shop when I was out Christmas shopping - a foam one for indoor use (with a radius of a metre or two) and a solid one for outdoor use.. I had a go before Christmas, and sucked, but that's kind of understandable..

On the plus side, the way it curves through the air sometimes is kind of like a hammer in Ultimate, so I'm kind of used to judging some of the movements.. Others, not so much, but I was working on it.

So anyway, just now I went out to play, and managed to get to a point where I can actually get it to come back, and catch it. This gets me quite excited, since catching that bastard isn't easy - it spins violently, is quite hard, has a small surface area along the edge... So yes, it makes me rather happy that I can actually throw it, walk casually to where I can see it's going to come back, and then catch it.

And from here it'll just get better - practice makes perfect, after all..

And it counts as exercise - awesome!

Probably my favourite part of it all was the fact that even though it's about freezing outside, I didn't actually need to wear my coat after I started running around, and was able to take off my jumper and just go with a t-shirt.. I've missed the feeling of exercising enough that you can go around in short-sleeved tops in frozen weather without feeling the cold. Long may it continue :o)