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Things to Update About
  • Why I love Livejournal so much
  • My weekend with Becca
  • Jen
  • Music
  • Friends
  • People in the flat
  • Feelings and stuff

Hmm... best get thinking :o)

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yeah, u better had......

uve put a line thru friends......
surely friends should be one of the most important reasons
it always has been in my life anyways
(yes, i know im not technically classed as one of ure friends, infact u probably hate me more than tony does.... but i cant say anything about that, cos anything i say wont be listened to)

Re: yeah, u better had......

It was Friends, the TV show, and I already updated about that - that was a list from a few nights ago, and I was just crossing off the things I've spoken about already.

As for hating you more than Tony, I dunno about that.... I try not to get involved there :o)

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