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(no subject)
.. and there it is.

We're only a couple of days into January, and already I'm pining after the summer.. How absolutely typical... Just watching Time Team, and it's very obviously the summertime, and everyone is wearing short sleeves, and sitting around in the sunshine..

Funny how winter appeals the most during the summer, and the run-up to Christmas, and then.. blah..

Still, for some reason, thinking about it all just makes me feel happy, rather than sad, so it's all good :o)
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I'm still okay with winter. I will be until mid-February when I declare it over. And winter will laugh in my face. Like that year it snowed on my birthday. Bastard.

Come to Florida. It's always summer here.

I would hate that far too much, and I'd just miss winter :o)

Well, I've been wearing t-shirts and and lots of people have been to teh beach the past days.. So not that far I guess :0)

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