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Celebrity Big Brother - why not?
Latoya Jackson, because apparently having a Jackson on last time wasn't enough, we need another.. Right.. Could we not have gone for a Baldwin, or maybe an Arquette?

Negatives - she looks way too much like Michael, and has an annoying "Heeheehee" laugh.. Ugh..

Positives - upon arrival into the house, she didn't scream, or talk to herself, or anything stupid like lots of people do...

Mutya Buena, as predicted.. Her eyebrows are ridiculous.. And she looks a bit like a man.. Not the most attractive Sugarbabe. Sugababe? Whichever.. And she seems like she might have an attitude.. Oh well..

Verne Troyer, because Big Brother Australia had a little person on (I can say dwarf, can't I?) the UK one has to..? Still, it's f'king Mini Me, how can you really complain about that? Though he does come across like a bit of a dick in his audition video.. Still, the crowd can't help but cheer him anyway.. Man, the red carpet must be so much longer for him...

Aww.. Latoya knows Verne, that's nice for him... The crowd are being patronising, as you might expect..

Who the fuck is Tommy Sheridan? Upon checking him out on the Internet, it seems that he's a politician, and a kind of cool one.. Always nice to see Socialists... Oh, but shame, he's friends with George Gallaway.. I mean seriously, which former contestant will they rip off next with a derivative copy?

Still, he seems okay thus far :o)

Ah, there we go, Lucy Pinder.. I was actually looking forward to her being on it, because when I saw her on the Glamour Girls Weakest Link special she came across as really quite smart.. Thus far she's made a good impression.. Oh, and as I wrote that, she's started to annoy me, great. She doesn't like bleeding heart liberals - oh dear, ~drama~!! I'm sure Edward said she was likely to be a Tory, I don't know how he can detect them...

Oh well, I shall try not to judge too much in advance, that would be unkind...

Haha, Ben from A1, how funny.. Thus far he's coming across rather well, I think I like him. And he was so cute on Never Mind the Buzzcocks all those years ago :o) Haha, and Davina just made a point of saying that his surname is not "from A1". Well whatever, that's his name...

Uh, who is Tina Malone? Right, Brookside.. Shameless.. Shows I do not watch... Lame. Oh yay, she has lots of mental disorders, OCD, Bipolar, self described fat scouser.. This does not resonate well with me...

What's up, it's Coolio.. <3 C U When U Get There <3

He seems like he's absolutely insane.. But in a kind of good way.. I can see this man becoming legendary.. :o)

Ah, Michelle from Liberty X.. They were shite.. she's coming across okay, I suppose, but I get the feeling that she'll be entirely unimpressed with the fact that Lucy is in there, since she's, y'know, hotter and stuff. From the shade of orange her face is, you kind of get the feeling that she's quite concerned with image...

Terry Christian. I don't think I know him. What is "The Word"? He seems like a bit of a gimp, dismissing criticism as jealousy. Lame.

Meh, Ulrika.. Boring. I think she might be a robot. I am entirely unexcited. If they put John Leslie in, then I might be interested...

So.. My current preferred order to win would be:

1st: Coolio
2nd: Ben from A1
3rd: Either Lucy or Tommy, depending..

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Celebrity, eh... I've only heard of 2 of 'em.

Surely Coolio and Mini Me?

Oh, I didn't read your descriptions I was just reading the names. 3, then. I know of Ulrika, mini me, and Coolio.

You're obviously a couple of years too young to know Terry Christian ;) But yeah, he's a tosser.

You don't remember 'The Word'?!!

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