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More Yearbook Junk
It's the turn of the teachers now.... First, Mrs Lord, my Maths teacher pretty much every year of secondary school...
Best wishes James!
It's been a pleasure to know you and to see that you have (almost) learned to get up in the morning and come to school every day! I am sure that you will do well and enjoy yout future studies. Good luck!
A Lord
Which was nice.... Then Mrs Hawley, my Biology teacher. I think I probably annoyed her more than any other teacher, what with me and Oliver chatting through every lesson. Not to mention the fact that I had a little meeting with her and the head of department for Biology, and said "Look, the reason I don't want to do work, and the reason I'm not trying, is because Biology pretty much sucks". Man, did I get into trouble for that one - the head of department sat me down afterwards, and pretty much said that I'd upset her, since she wasn't a fan of her most promising student's attitude. I was baffled - why was she talking about Phil? Apparently, it was me though - cool. Anyhow, I apologised, did some extra work, got a high mark on it, and it helped me get my A, so I was... well... somewhat wrong :o)
I have enjoyed your company but what a chatterbox!
Sarah Hawley
And then, with a little arrow pointing to that comment, my other Biology teacher Miss Fuller wrote
J Fuller
(and I've had to put up with it for 5 years! - and it has been a pleasure, honest)
Miss Fuller was my form tutor and science teacher for my first three years of secondary school, and was then my Biology teacher for my two years of a-levels, so I guess she had it worse than most of my teachers... And finally, Mr Ryder
It's been a huge pleasure teaching you James. I wish you every success in everything you do in the future.
Jon Ryder
Ah, Mr Ryder - he was cool. Back in Year 11 (10th grade), he used to come into our science lessons with Mr Corness, and they'd just banter for like half an hour with me and Benny. That made our lessons so much cooler.... Then in Year 12 and Year 13, he was our Chemistry teacher, and those were by far the best lessons. We'd just chat about stuff, which was cool... I won't say what sort of stuff we chatted about, it'd take too long, but I just got on really well with him. Regardless of the fact that his subject got me my worst a-level grade (I still blame Miss Nicholson for that anyway), I went into school in September, before going to Uni, and had a chat to him, explaining to him that he was my best ever teacher - I felt he ought to know that. He ruled :o)


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